時晴時雨 / 26-32度 / 濕度 69-96%

交通: 在港鐵荃灣站,可乘51號巴士或到兆和街乘80號小巴至川龍 / 回程於荃錦公路乘51號巴士 (「郊野公園」站) 回荃灣。
需時 / 距離:約四個半小時 / 6.69km

Chuen Lung>Pat Heung Fire Lookout>Kap Lung>Route Twisk

Transport:  Take bus no. 51 (near MTR Tsuen Wan Station) or walk from MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit B1, to Shiu Wo Street and take minibus no. 80 to Chuen Lung / Return by taking bus no. 51 at Route Twisk (Country Park stop) back to Tsuen Wan.

Feeling: Most are the gentle hillside footpaths, the Pat Heung Fire Lookout is easy to be accessed, don’t miss the superb view there.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: around four and a half hours / 6.69km

** Points to note: There are many divide paths throughout the route, better accompanied by experienced hikers or with the help of hiking app or map. Or take the section 9 of the MacLehose trail.


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天晴 / 25-33度 / 濕度67-94%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘20R小巴,總站「烏蛟騰」下車 / 回程於烏蛟騰乘20R小巴或於新娘潭乘275R (只在星期日及公眾假期提供服務) 至港鐵大埔墟站
需時|長度:約五個半小時 / 6.97km (若在烏蛟騰離開則只需四個半小時)

Wu Kau Tang>Kau Kam Tso>Lui Tang Lung>Fan Kei Tok>Wu Kau Tang>Bride’s Pool

Transport: Take minibus no. 20R (near MTR Tai Po Market Station),  get off at the terminal  – Wu Kau Tang / Return by taking the same minibus at Wu Kau Tang or bus no. 275R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays) at Bride’s Pool to MTR Tai Po Market Station

Feeling: I am so impressed and overwhelmed by the undulating terrain and panoramic view of Double Haven at the top of Tiu Tang Lung.  This is definitely one of my favourite routes.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 6.97km, around five and a half hours. (Around four and a half hours if you leave at Wu Kau Tang)

** Points to note: Have to climb up to Tiu Tang Lung, please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves and stock up before you go. This is a physically demanding trail, with limited shades throughout the whole trail, not suitable for inexperienced hikers and better to go in Autumn.

交通:MTR大埔墟駅でミニバス 20R 番に乗って烏蛟騰で下車。帰りはミニバス 20R 番または新娘潭でバス 275R 番(日曜と祝日のみ)に乗ってMTR大埔墟駅まで。
距離と平均所要時間:距離と平均所要時間:6.97キロ、約5時間 (烏蛟騰で帰れば約4時間半)

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日本屋久島 ~ 白谷雲水峽


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部分時間天晴 / 21-29度 / 濕度 73-93%

交通: 在港鐵荃灣站,可乘51號巴士或到兆和街乘80號小巴至川龍 / 回程於城門水塘乘82號小巴 回荃灣。
需時 / 距離:約五個小時 / 7.01km

Chuen Lung>Heung Shek Cemetery>Lung Mun Country Trail>Shing Mun Reservoir

Transport:  Take bus no. 51 (near MTR Tsuen Wan Station) or walk from MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit B1, to Shiu Wo Street and take minibus no. 80 to Chuen Lung / Return by taking minibus no. 82 at Shing Mun Reservoir to Tsuen Wan.

Feeling: Have to pay attention to the narrow, uneven and rubble path. With shades, however, do not go there on a rainy day as a stream may overflow and flash flood may occur.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: around five hours / 7.01km

交通:MTR荃灣駅のバス 51 番または兆和街のミニバス 80 番に乗って「川龍」で下車。帰りは城門水塘にてミニバス 82 番に乗って荃灣へ。

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天陰 / 17度 / 濕度 83-95%

交通:乘82K、83K或86巴士,總站「黃泥頭」下車 / 回程於西貢公路乘92或96R (只在星期日及公眾假期提供服務) 巴士或不同小巴離開
感想:這條路線不算長途亦不太難走,但開首一小時的上斜路及某些路段需手腳並用上攀,也需一定體力 ,新手不宜。站在黃牛山及水牛山上,坐擁無敵景觀,要是遇到好天氣必定令人更興奮。
需時:約四個半小時 / 7.03km

Wong Nai Tau>Fa Sam Hang>Shek Nga Pui>West Buffalo Hill>Buffalo Hill>Buffalo Pass>Fu Yung Pit>Mang Kung Wo Road>Hiram’s Highway

Transport: Take bus no. 82K, 83K and 86,  get off at the terminal – Wong Nai Tau / Return by taking bus no. 92, 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays) or  minibus to Kolwoon

Feeling: Not a very long and difficult hike, but there are steep ups and downs, not suitable for less experienced hikers. Enjoy pretty much of the impeccable views from the hilltop lookout.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.03km, around four and a half hours

交通:バス82K, 83Kまたは86番に乗って終点「黃泥頭」で下車。帰りはバス92、96R番(日曜と祝日のみ)またはミニバスで。
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天晴 / 27度 / 濕度 80-89%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘64K巴士,在「嘉道理農場」站下車 / 回程於粉嶺乘港鐵或其他交通工具離開。
需時:約四個半小時/ 8.63km

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden>Tai To Yan>Pak Tai To Yan>Kei Lak Tsai>Fanling MTR Station

Transport: Take bus no. 64K (near MTR Tai Po Market Station),  get off at Kadoorie Farm and Boanic Garden / Return by taking MTR at Fanling Station.

Feeling: There are many uphill and downhill sections, which is a physically demanding trail. Walk from Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden to Tai To Yan can enjoy the magnificent scenery. Pak Tai To Yan to MTR Fanling Station is full of cement stairs, tiring and boring. Suggest to leave through Wo Hop Shek vehicular access, or start the trail at Wo Hop Shek and end at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 8.63km, four and a half hours

** Points to note: Many uphill and downhills sections, limited shade, with no retreat point accessible by vehicle or replenishment stops along the hike. Please make sure you bring sufficient amount of water and food. Not suitable for inexperienced hikers and not wise to go during Summer.

** 注意:トレイルは起伏が多いが、樹木のシェードは少ない。それに補充できるところも退路もないので十分な水と食べ物を確保。初心者と夏場には要注意!

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天晴 /25度 / 濕度68-83%

交通:西貢巴士總站乘94號或96R 巴士 (只在星期日及公眾假期行走),「上窰」站下車 / 回程乘94號或96R巴士或小巴回西貢或港鐵鑽石山站。
需時:四個半小時 / 6.73km

Maclehose Trail Section 1>Pai Tau Tun>Sheung Yiu Country Trail>Sheung Yiu

Transport: Take bus no. 94 or 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays), get off at Sheung Yiu / Return by taking the same bus or minibus.

Feeling: Most of the time have to find the way and walk through the dense vegetation, rugged paths and climb up a bit in the first section from M002 of Maclehose Trail Section 1 to Pai Tau Tun and down to Sheung Yiu Country Trail, but with gorgeous view from hilltop lookout.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 6.73km, four and a half hours

** Points to note: Need to find the paths and walk through dense vegetation, easy to get lost, better accompanied by experienced hikers and with the help of hiking app or map.

** 注意:樹木が密集なのでちょっと迷いやすいコースらしい。経験者と一緒に、またはハイキングのアプリの使用はおススメだ。

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