吉澳碼頭>東澳>高地頂>(吉澳漁民村>赤角頭>東澳灣 – 綑岸)>高棚頂>澳背塘>西澳>中間澳>吉澳碼頭

天晴 / 19-29度 / 濕度44-82%

交通:需跟團、自行租船或於沙頭角乘街渡 (需申請邊境禁區許可證) 前往
需時 | 長度:
約兩個半小時 / 4.55km

Kat O Pier>Tung O>Ko Tei Teng>(Kat O Fisherman Village>Chek Kok Tau>Tung O Wan – Walk along the shore)>Ko Pang Teng>O Pui Tong>Sai O> Chung Kan O>Kat O Pier

Transport: Join tour, rent a boat or take kaito at Sha Tau Kok (Need to apply Closed area permit)

Feeling: Easy hike, with only 70m difference in elevation but with superb view at Ko Tei Teng and Ko Pang Teng. Walk along the shore to view the “Face side view cliff”, lighthouse and visit Tung O Wan and O Pui Tong are full of surprises!

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.55km, around two and a half hours

** Point to note:  If low tidal, you can walk along the coastline from Kat O Fisherman Village to Tung O Wan, please check the predicted tidal levels (Ko Lau Wan) at Hong Kong Observatory’s website.


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天晴/ 21-27度 / 濕度 45-61%

交通:乘91、91M、792M巴士或11號、12號小巴,在「科技大學(北)」站下車 / 回程在鄭植枝中學旁乘巴士或小巴離開
需時|長度:約兩個半小時 / 3.69km

Tai Au Mun>Ngo Sei Kai>Tai Hang Tun>Tai Au Mun

Transport:  Take bus no. 91, 91M, 792M or mini bus no. 11 or 12, get off at HKUST (North) / Return by taking bus or mini bus near Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School.

Feeling: Highly accessible trail, you can access two beaches in one go, especially love the beautiful Campers’ Beach.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 3.69km, around two and a half hours


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天晴 / 28-31度/ 濕度62-81%

交通:西貢 / 恒安巴士總站乘99號巴士或西貢 / 沙田市中心總站乘299X巴士,「水浪窩」站下車 / 回程相同
需時|長度:約兩個半小時 / 4.92km

Shui Long Wo>Star Lookout>Maclehose Trail (Section Four)>Ngau Liu Fire Lookout>Shui Long Wo

Transport:  Take bus no. 99 or 299X, get off at Shui Long Wo / Return by taking the same bus.

Feeling: The Star Lookout at Shui Long Wo is an imitation of the ancient astronomical observatory in China, worth to pay a visit. Walking the cement path of the Maclehose Trail (Section Four) to Fire Lookout is quite boring as the views are blocked by the vegetation.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.92km, around two and a half hours

**Points to note: The path is not easy to be found, not suggest to take the short cut from Fire Lookout to Maclehose Trail (Section Four). There are plenty plants’ seeds with hooks along the path that attached to your pants and clothes, feeling pretty itchy and painful.


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天晴 / 27-33度/ 濕度56-93%

交通:可乘車至飛鵝山觀景台或乘搭91, 91M或92巴士,在「德望學校」站下車,沿飛鵝山道車路上行至觀景台 / 在清水灣道乘91, 91M、92巴士或小巴離開
需時 | 長度:約兩個半小時 / 4.15km

Kowloon Peak Viewing Point>Tung Shan>Middle Hill>Kowloon Peak Viewing Point

Transport:  Drive to Kowloon Peak Viewing Point or take bus no. 91, 91M or 92 and get off at Good Hope School, walk along Fei Ngor Shan Road to the Viewing Point / Take minibus or bus no. 91, 91M or 92 at Clear Water Bay Road

Feeling:  It is not a difficult hike, no steep climb or down. Enjoy walking the comfortable hillside footpath and having the breath-taking 360-degree view at the top of Tung Shan and Middle Hill. Highly recommend to go in Autumn.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.15km, around two and a half hours

**Points to note:  Mind the rugged path to Tung Shan, there are many uphill and downhills sections, limited shade, not suitable for inexperienced hikers and not suggest to go in Summer time. Please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves and stock up before you go.

交通:車で飛鵝山ビューポイントまで。またはバス91, 91M, 92番に乗って「德望學校」で下車、そして飛鵝山道に沿ってビューポイントまで歩く。帰りは清水灣道でバス91, 91M, 92番、またはミニバスで。

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還記得復出山野第一擊便是到三門仔往馬屎洲。手術後的初期常感到疲累,但沒想到那天行了兩個多小時還體力充沛,對我來說,郊遊確有助康復 (每人的病患、康復進度及身體狀況均有不同,請小心評估風險)。亦由那時起,我便全年無休去行山。


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大致天晴 / 21-27度 / 濕度66-89%

交通:在西貢巴士總站乘94號巴士或在港鐵鑽石山站乘96R (星假日及公眾假期才行走) ,在「北潭凹」站下車 / 回程在黃石碼頭乘相同巴士離開。
感想:很喜歡土瓜坪往黃石碼頭這條路線,從北潭凹下走後,一直都是平緩的水泥路,往黃石碼頭也只有50米上落的山路,兩處景觀皆一流。指示清晰且樹蔭頗多,只要慢走,適合一家大小。由分岔路往東心淇前段 (約5-10分鐘路程),景色不俗,值得一遊,其餘則可省去。
需時:約三個小時 / 7.18km

Pak Tam Au>Tung Sam Kei>To Kwa Peng>Wong Shek Pier

Transport:  Take bus no. 94 at Sai Kung or 96R at MTR Diamond Hill Station (only on Sundays and Public Holidays), get off at Pak Tam Au / Return by taking the same bus at Wong Shek Pier.

Feeling: Easy hike, with shades, clear trail signages, superb views and mainly with gentle footpaths, suitable for family. Suggest to skip Tung Sam Kei, as not much to see there.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.18km, around three hours

交通:西貢にてバス 94 番または MTR 鑽石山駅にて 96R 番(日曜と祝日のみ)に乗って「北潭凹」で降りる。帰りも黃石碼頭で同じバスに乗る。

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港鐵太古站>衛奕信徑第二段>康柏郊遊徑 (恐龍石)>耀東邨

天陰 / 12.8-16.8 度 / 濕度 64-93%

交通:港鐵太古站 B 出口,往南豐新邨,向衛奕信徑第二段進發 / 回程於筲箕灣乘車或港鐵離開。
感想:很喜歡這條路線,交通方便,行不久已接有開揚景觀的平坦山路。不時在巨石中穿梭,還看到尖耳貓、奈良美智狗及烏龜探頭石 (恐龍石),輕鬆短途且有趣。
需時:約兩個半小時/ 5.19km

MTR Tai Koo Station>Wilson Trail (Stage 2)>Hong Pak Country Trail>Yiu Tung Estate

Transport: From MTR Tai Koo Station Exit B, walk through Nam Fung Sun Chuen to Wilson Trail (Stage 2) / Return by taking bus or MTR at Shau Kei Wan.

Feeling:  Highly accessible trail, mostly are gently hillside footpaths, easy hike with gorgeous views. It is fun to watch the Cat Rock, Dog Rock and Dinosaur Rock along the Hong Pak Country Trail.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 5.19km, around two and a half hours

交通:MTR 太古駅出口 B 南豐新邨からWilson Trail Section 2へ向う。帰りは筲箕灣でバスまたはMTRで。
感想:アクセスのよいコースで歩きやすく景色もいい。途中猫、犬と恐竜 (亀?) に似ている岩も出会える。

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