天晴 / 26.8-34.6度 / 濕度52-88%

需時|長度:兩個半小時 / 5.22km

Yim Tin Tsai>Jade Bridge>Kau Sai Chau>Kau Sai Chau Golf Course Pier>Kai Lung Wan>Yim Tin Tsai

Transport:  Take kaito at Sai Kung Pier / Return by taking the same kaito.

Feeling: Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a leisurely walk around Yim Tin Tsai and can taste some food prepared by the local, a great way to stay away from the hustle bustle. Easy hike with clear trail signage, suitable for family.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: around two and a half hours / 5.22km

**Point to note: Without shades between Jade Bridge and Kau Sai Chau, not suggest to go in Summer time.

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天晴 / 23-31度 / 濕度66-92%

交通:在西貢巴士總站乘94號巴士或在港鐵鑽石山站乘96R (星假日及公眾假期才行走) ,在「北潭凹」站下車 / 回程於赤徑碼頭乘渡輪或快艇回黃石碼頭或於北潭凹乘94號巴士至西貢
需時:約五個半小時 / 13.06km

Pak Tam Au>Maclehose Trail Section Three>Chek Keng>Tai Long Au>Nam She Au>Nam She>Nam She Wan>Shore of Thousand Creek (Chin Kai Hoi On)>Cheung Hon Wan>Chek Keng

Transport:  Take bus no. 94 at Sai Kung or 96R at MTR Diamond Hill Station (only on Sundays and Public Holidays), get off at Pak Tam Au / Return by taking ferry or speed boat at Chek Keng to Wong Shek Pier or take bus no. 94 or 96R at Pak Tam Au to Sai Kung.

Feeling: It is a long and demanding hike, especially we have to go ups and downs in such hot weather. The blue sky, turquoise sea and full of yellow and brown seaweeds along the coast, just like a painting with Van Gogh’s rhythmic brushstrokes. Though it is pretty tired, the stunning views at Shore of Thousand Creek make it all worthwhile.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 13.06km, around five and a half hours

** Points to note: The path from Nam She Au to Nam She Wan is pretty sleep and slippery. Whether taking the hillside footpath or walking along the shore from Nam She Wan to Shore of Thousand Creek is not easy, not suitable for inexperienced hikers. There are many divide paths, better accompanied by experienced hikers or with the help of hiking app or map. Please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves, umbrella and stock up before you go.

交通:西貢市でバス 94 番またはMTR鑽石山駅で96R 番 (日曜と祝日のみ) に乗って「北潭凹」で下車。帰りはフェリーで赤徑から黃石埠頭へまたは北潭凹からバスで。
感想:蒸し暑さのせい大変きついコースだった。だが、青空、ターコイズ ブルーの 海、ゴッホのブラシストロークのような海藻で「千溪海岸」の美しさはすっかり感じさせてもらった。
**注意:蚺蛇坳から千溪海岸までの道は急坂が多く滑りやすかった。山道も海岸沿いの道も初心者には向いてない。案内のサインは少なく、経験者と一緒に、またはハイキングのアプリを使用。なお、十分補充とギアー(手袋、傘、ハイキングスティックなど)を用意してください。 Continue reading


初時天陰後放晴 / 16-19度/ 濕度65-91%

交通:在西貢 / 恒安巴士總站乘99號巴士或在西貢巴士總站 / 沙田市中心乘299X巴士,「水浪窩」站下車 / 回程於「泥涌」站乘相同巴士離開。
感想:水浪窩有仿古天文觀測台及短途樹徑。沿車路下走至企嶺下老圍,可依企嶺下海 (三噚海)旁的小徑而行,並可一到石堤,景觀不俗。最後返回西沙路往泥涌或乘車離開,此路線相當輕鬆。
需時|長度:約三小時 / 8.81km

Shui Long Wo>Star Lookout>Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai>Kei Ling Ha San Wai>Sai Keng Tsuen>Nga Yiu Tau>Nai Chung

Transport:  Take bus no. 99 or 299X, get off at Shui Long Wo / Return by taking the same bus.

Feeling: Visit the Star Lookout (an imitation of the ancient astronomical observatory in China), walk along the path next to Three Fathoms Cove and end at Nai Chung, easy hike with good views.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 8.81km, around three hours

交通:バス 99か 299Xに乗って水浪窩で下車。帰るのも同じバスで。
感想:観星台 (古代のイミテーション) を見学して海岸を沿ってゆっくり歩きながらよい景色を楽しめるコースだった。
距離と所要時間:8.81キロ、約3時間 Continue reading


初時天陰後轉晴 / 17-19度 / 濕度64-88%

交通:乘91號巴士或103及103M小巴,「五塊田」下車 / 回程在日出康城乘港鐵離開
需時|長度:兩個半小時 / 4.36km

Ng Fai Tin>Sheung Yeung Shan>Ha Yeung Shan>Miu Tsai Tun>High Junk Peak>LOHAS Park

Transport:  Take bus no. 91 or minibus no. 103 or 103M, get off at Ng Fai Tin / Return by taking MTR at LOHAS Park.

Feeling: Short hike, easy to go and with gorgeous views from hilltop lookout (Sheung Yeung Shan, Ha Yeung Shan, Miu Tsai Tun, High Junk Peak). Compare to many trails with steep slopes and rugged paths in Hong Kong, going up to High Junk Peak is not as difficult as expected.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.36km, around two and a half hours

** Points to note: Be careful of the mountain bike if you walk this trail between Monday and Saturday. No matter which trail you choose, hope you do not take it lightly and will do some research beforehand.

交通:バス 91番またはミニバス 103/103M番に乗って「五塊田」で下車。帰るのは MTR康城駅から。
**注意:月曜 ~ 土曜日にマウンテンバイクの通過を要注意。コースの選択が多いがどれにしても前もってよくリサーチしてほしい。

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交通:西貢巴士總站乘94或96R 巴士 (只在星期日及公眾假期行走),「上窰」站下車 / 回程乘94號或96R巴士或小巴回西貢或港鐵鑽石山站。
需時 |長度:一個半小時 / 2.53km

Sheung Yiu>Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail>Sheung Yiu Family Trail>Sheung Yiu

Transport: Take bus no. 94 or 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays), get off at Sheung Yiu / Return by taking the same bus.

Feeling: Easy and short hike with clear trail signage.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 2.53km, one and a half hours

交通:バス 94 番または 96R 番 (日曜と祝日のみ)に乗って「上窰」で下車。帰りも同じバス。

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飛鵝山道1號>鸚鵡咀石>自殺崖>飛鵝山>象山>東山>飛鵝山道1號 (南脊上飛鵝山)

初時天陰後轉晴 / 18-22度/ 濕度 67-79%

交通:乘搭91, 91M, 92或96R (只在星期日及公眾假期提供服務) 巴士,在「德望學校」站下車,沿清水灣道往西貢方向行,在交通燈旁,轉左往飛鵝山道1號上山入口 / 回程在清水灣道乘相同巴士或小巴離開
需時 | 長度:約四個小時 / 6.5km
**注意:由飛鵝山道1號 (南脊)上山,全為上斜山路,亦不乏懸崖峭壁,要不時手腳並用,屬高難度路線,得小心慢走。這路線有多次上落及路段沒有樹蔭,需相當體力,請量力而為。畏高者、新手及夏天皆不宜。請穿著合適,攜帶足夠裝備如手套、行山杖,食物和水。

1 Fei Ngor Shan Road>Kowloon Peak>Middle Hill>Tung Shan>1 Fei Ngor Shan Road

Transport:  Take bus no. 91, 91M, 92 or 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays) and get off at Good Hope School, walk along Clear Water Bay Road (towards Sai Kung direction) and turn left to 1 Fei Ngor Shan Road / Take the same bus or minibus  at Clear Water Bay Road

Feeling: Feel content to finish this physically demanding and challenging trail. Enjoy walking the hillside footpath and having the breath-taking 360-degree view at the top of Kowloon Peak, Middle Hill and Tung Shan.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 6.5km, around four hours

**Points to note:  It is a very steep climb from 1 Fei Ngor Shan Road to Kowloon Peak. There are many uphill and downhills sections, limited shade, not suitable for inexperienced hikers or people with acrophobia, not suggest to go in Summer time. Mind the rugged path and please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves and stock up before you go.

距離と平均時間:6.5キロ、約 4 時間
**注意:飛鵝山道 1 号からの登山コースはかなりきつかった。コースには起伏は多く、樹木のシェードはないので経験者向けだ。相応しいギア(ポール、手袋)と補充を用意してから出発してほしい。

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初時天晴後轉天陰 / 23-27度 / 濕度71-82%

交通:在西貢乘7號小巴,約在「猴塘溪」與「白沙澳」中間下車 / 回程在北潭凹乘94號巴士或96R (只在星期日及公眾假期提供服務) 往西貢或港鐵鑽石山站
感想:這條路線連走四山 (老虎騎石、石屋山、岩頭山、牛耳石山),上上落落甚需體力。但四山風景各有特色,絕對值得前往。
需時 / 長度:約四個半小時 / 7.27km

Hoi Ha Road>Hoi Ha Fire Lookout>Lo Fu Kei Shek>Shek Uk Shan>Cheung Sheung>Ngam Tau Shan>Ngau Yee Shek Shan>Pak Tam Au

Transport:  Take minibus no.7 at Sai Kung, get off at the mid point between Hau Tong Kai and Pak Sha O / Return by taking bus no. 94 or 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays) at Pak Tam Au

Feeling: This is a physically demanding trail as you have to go ups and downs four hills (Lo Fu Kei Shek, Shek Uk Shan, Ngam Tau Shan and Ngau Yee Shek Shan). But you will be blown away by the views at the top, worth to pay a visit.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.27km, around four and a half hours

** Points to note: Only a few sections with trail signage, not suitable for inexperienced hikers, better accompanied by experienced hikers or with the help of hiking app or map. Have to walk through a bit dense vegetation, steep ups and downs, please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves, umbrella and stock up before you go. Limited shades, not suggest to go in Summer time. Hoi Ha Road>Cheung Sheung Country Trail>Cheung Sheung>Ngau Yee Shek Shan>Pak Tam Au would be a good option for less experience hiker, relatively easy to walk and the view is great.


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