天晴 / 18-26度 / 濕度51-70%

交通:在港鐵粉嶺站乘56K小巴,在「南涌」下車 / 回程於丹竹坑或至獅頭嶺乘52B小巴至港鐵粉嶺站。
需時 | 長度:約三個半小時 / 7.11km

Nam Chung>Nam Chung Country Trail>Ping Nam Stream>Ping Deng Au>Tan Chuk Hang>Sze Tou Leng

Transport: Take minibus no. 56K (near MTR Fanling Station), get off at Nam Chung / Return by taking minibus no. 52B at Tan Chuk Hang or Sze Tou Leng to MTR Fanling Station.

Feeling: This is not a long hike, easy to walk, pretty enjoy the view along the trail especially the stunning Ping Nam Stream, highly recommended!

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.11km, around four hours


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天晴 / 28-31度/ 濕度62-81%

交通:西貢 / 恒安巴士總站乘99號巴士或西貢 / 沙田市中心總站乘299X巴士,「水浪窩」站下車 / 回程相同
需時|長度:約兩個半小時 / 4.92km

Shui Long Wo>Star Lookout>Maclehose Trail (Section Four)>Ngau Liu Fire Lookout>Shui Long Wo

Transport:  Take bus no. 99 or 299X, get off at Shui Long Wo / Return by taking the same bus.

Feeling: The Star Lookout at Shui Long Wo is an imitation of the ancient astronomical observatory in China, worth to pay a visit. Walking the cement path of the Maclehose Trail (Section Four) to Fire Lookout is quite boring as the views are blocked by the vegetation.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.92km, around two and a half hours

**Points to note: The path is not easy to be found, not suggest to take the short cut from Fire Lookout to Maclehose Trail (Section Four). There are plenty plants’ seeds with hooks along the path that attached to your pants and clothes, feeling pretty itchy and painful.


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時晴時雨 / 26-30度 / 濕度81-94%

交通:港鐵荃灣站B1出口,在眾安街 (近兆和街) 乘82號小巴至城門水塘 / 回程在大埔道乘72或81號巴士
需時|長度:約四個小時 / 7.54km

Shing Mun Reservoir>Maclehose Trail (Section Six)>Shing Mun War Relics Trail>Golden Hill>Golden Hill Fire Lookout>Shek Lei Pui Reservoir>Kowloon Reservoir>Kowloon Byewash Reservoir

Transport:  Walk from MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit B1, to Chung On Street (near Shiu Wo Street) and take minibus no. 82  to Shing Mun Reservoir / Return by taking bus no. 72 or 81

Feeling: This trail is close to the city centre, it is pretty fun as you can visit Shing Mun Reservoir, Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, Kowloon Byewash Reservoir, Kowloon Reservoir and old military sites in one go.

** Points to note: There are many divide paths from Golden Hill to Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, better accompanied by experienced hikers or with the help of hiking app or map. You may skip Golden Hill and just visit Shek Lei Pui and Kowloon Reservoir.


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大埔滘自然教育徑 – 紅、藍、黃、啡路及山火瞭望台

時晴時雨 / 27-31度 / 濕度 74-98%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘28K小巴或72 、72A、73A或74A在「松仔園」下車或乘的士在大埔滘自然護理區下車 / 回程在大埔墟離開。
需時:約四個半小時/ 10.74km

Tai Po Kau Nature Trail – Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown Walk and Fire Lookout

Transport:  Take minbus no. 28K (near MTR Tai Po Market), bus no. 72, 72A or 74A, get off at Chung Tsai Yuen / Return by taking the same bus and minibus.

Feeling: Not a difficult hike and you don’t realize you have climbed up over 300m. Most of the time are walking under shades, don’t get wet even in a rainy day and you can enjoy different shades of green in the forest.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 10.74km, around four and a half hours

交通:ミニバス28K番(MTR大埔墟駅)またはバス72/ 72A /74Aに乗って「松仔園」ストップで下車。帰りも同じバスまたはミニバスで。

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烏蛟騰>九担租>上苗田>下苗田>三椏涌>三椏灣>三椏村>牛屎湖山>(牛屎湖>西流江 – 綑岸)>(西流江>三椏灣 – 乘艇)>犂頭石>九担租>烏蛟騰

天晴 / 27-34度 / 濕度53-91%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘20R小巴或的士,總站「烏蛟騰」下車 / 回程乘20R小巴或的士至港鐵大埔墟站
需時|長度:約五個半小時 / 12.66km

Wu Kau Tang>Kau Kam Tso>Sheung Miu Tin>Ha Miu Tin>Sam A Chung>Sam A Wan>Sam A Tsuen>Ngau Shi Wu Shan>(Ngau Shi Wu>Sai Lau Kong – walk along the shore)>(Sai Lau Kong>Sam A Wan – boat trip)>Lai Tau Shek>Kau Kam Tso>Wu Kau Tang

Transport: Take minibus no. 20R (near MTR Tai Po Market Station) or taxi,  get off at the terminal  – Wu Kau Tang / Return by taking the same minibus or taxi

Feeling: Though it is a pretty long hike with no retreat point accessible by vehicle, it is easy to walk with mainly gentle footpaths and will pass two ancient trails (Lai Sam Ancient Trail and Miu Sam Ancient Trail). It is gorgeous to view Sam A Wan and Sam A Tsuen at Ngau Shi Wu Shan and walk along the shore from Ngau Shi Wu to Sai Lau Kong. Highly recommend this tranquil trail as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and have delicious food at Sam A Tsuen.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 12.66km, around five and a half hours.

** Points to note: If low tidal, you can walk along the coastline from Ngau Shi Wu to Sam A Tsuen, please check the predicted tidal levels (Ko Lau Wan) at Hong Kong Observatory’s website. This is a pretty long trail, have to walk through quite dense vegetation to Ngau Shi Wu, better accompanied by experienced hikers. Please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves and stock up before you go. Please do research beforehand or with the help of hiking app or map.


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時晴時雨 / 26-32度 / 濕度 69-96%

交通: 在港鐵荃灣站,可乘51號巴士或到兆和街乘80號小巴至川龍 / 回程於荃錦公路乘51號巴士 (「郊野公園」站) 回荃灣。
需時 / 距離:約四個半小時 / 6.69km

Chuen Lung>Pat Heung Fire Lookout>Kap Lung>Route Twisk

Transport:  Take bus no. 51 (near MTR Tsuen Wan Station) or walk from MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit B1, to Shiu Wo Street and take minibus no. 80 to Chuen Lung / Return by taking bus no. 51 at Route Twisk (Country Park stop) back to Tsuen Wan.

Feeling: Most are the gentle hillside footpaths, the Pat Heung Fire Lookout is easy to be accessed, don’t miss the superb view there.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: around four and a half hours / 6.69km

** Points to note: There are many divide paths throughout the route, better accompanied by experienced hikers or with the help of hiking app or map. Or take the section 9 of the MacLehose trail.


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天晴 /26-34度 / 濕度65-91%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘20R小巴或的士,在新娘潭路與烏蛟騰路交界下車 / 回程在鹿頸乘56K小巴至港鐵粉嶺站
需時|長度:約四小時 / 7.71km

Kong Ha Au>Wu Kau Tang Country Trail>Wu Kau Tang Fire Lookout>Ma Tang Ancient Trail>A Ma Wat>Lai Kuk Ancient Trail>Kuk Po>Fung Hang>Kai Kuk Shue Ha>Luk Keng

Transport: Take minibus no. 20R (near MTR Tai Po Market Station),  get off at the intersection of Bride’s Pool Road and Wu Kau Tang Road / Return by taking minibus no. 56K at Luk Keng to MTR Fanling Station.

Feeling: Most are the gentle hillside footpaths (except the path from Kong Ha Au to Wu Kau Tang Fire Lookout), with beautiful scenery and have restaurants at Kuk Po and Fung Hang. If you go during weekend,  the place is packed with people, prepare to have a long queue for minibus at Luk Keng.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.71km, around four hours

** Point to note: No mobile phone network coverage in Kong Ha Au, please download the map and the route beforehand, or bring a map.


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