天晴 /23度 / 濕度59-84%

交通:在港鐵荃灣站,可選乘51巴士或到兆和街乘80號小巴至川龍 / 回程於荃錦公路乘51巴士 (「郊野公園」站) 回荃灣。
需時:約四小時 / 6.71km

Chuen Lung>Tai Mo Shan Fire Lookout>Tai Mo Shan>Route Twisk

Transport:  At MTR Tsuen Wan Station, can take bus no. 51 or go to Shiu Wo Street, take minibus no. 80 to Chuen Lung  / Return by taking bus no. 51 at Route Twisk (Country Park stop) back to Tsuen Wan.

Feeling: Enjoy the remarkable views along this trail and feel content with the delicious food and comfortable hillside footpaths.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 6.71km, around four hours

**Point to note: Need to locate the shortcut from Chuen Lung to Tai Mo Shan, please do some research beforehand or with the help of hiking app or map.


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天晴 / 12-21度 / 濕度 44-77%

交通:三家村碼頭或西灣河 (筲箕灣避風塘碼頭) 乘渡輪至東龍島/ 回程相同
需時:三個半小時 (東龍島) / 4.3km

Tung Lung Island

Transport: Take ferry at Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier or Sai Wan Ho (Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter) to Tung Lung Island / Return by taking the same ferry

Feeling: Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a leisurely walk around the island and can taste some freshly-made and delicious food prepared by the local, a great way to stay away from the hustle bustle.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.8km, three and a half hours

距離と平均所要時間:4.3キロ、約3.5時間 Continue reading


天陰 /19度 / 濕度78-87%

交通:西貢乘的士至白腊村 / 回程於萬宜水庫東壩乘的士或9A小巴離開
需時:約五個半小時 / 7.58km

Pak Lap Village>Po Pin Chau>High Island East Dam

Transport:  Take taxi from Sai Kung to Pak Lap Village / Return by taking taxi or mini bus 9A at High Island Reservoir East Dam

Feeling: Amazing trail, with many breath-taking views, overwhelmed by the thousands of the hexagonal columns along the coastline, the most spectacular rock wonder you can’t miss in Hong Kong.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 7.58km, around five and a half hours

**Points to note: No mobile phone network coverage in Pak Lap Village, please download the map and the route beforehand. No trail signage and with steep ups and downs, easy to get lost, better accompanied by experienced hikers. No retreat point accessible by vehicle or replenishment stops along the hike, please wear appropriate gears, bring along the hiking stick, gloves and stock up before you go. No shades throughout the whole trail, not wise to go in Summer time or the length of the trail should be shortened.


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天陰 / 19度 / 濕度70-85%

交通:91號巴士或103及103M小巴,「五塊田」下車 / 回程相同
需時:三小時 / 4.62km

Ng Fai Tin>Sheung Yeung Shan>Ha Yeung Shan>Miu Tsai Tun>High Junk Peak>Clear Water Bay Road

Transport:  Take bus no. 91 or minibus no. 103 or 103M, get off at Ng Fai Tin / Return by taking the same bus or minibus.

Feeling: Short hike, easy to go and with gorgeous views from hilltop lookout (Sheung Yeung Shan, Ha Yeung Shan, Miu Tsai Tun, High Junk Peak). Compare to many trails with steep slopes and rugged paths in Hong Kong, going up to High Junk Peak is not as difficult as expected.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.62km, around three hours

** Points to note: Be careful of the mountain bike if you walk this trail between Monday and Saturday. No matter which trail you choose, hope you do not take it lightly and will do some research beforehand.

**注意:月曜 ~ 土曜の場合、マウンテンバイクの通過には要注意。コースの選択が多いがどれにしても前もってよくリサーチしたほうがいいと思う。

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天晴 / 19度 / 濕度 58-78%

交通:在西貢巴士總站乘94號巴士或在港鐵鑽石山站乘96R (只在星期日及公眾假期提供服務) ,在總站「黃石碼頭」下車,乘渡輪至塔門 / 回程乘渡輪回黃石碼頭,再乘94號或96R巴士離開。
需時:約三小時 / 4.17km

Tap Mun (Grass Island)

Transport:  Take bus no. 94 or 96R (only on Sundays and Public Holidays), get off at the terminal – Wong Shek Pier, take ferry to Tap Mun / Return by taking the same ferry and bus.

Feeling: Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a leisurely walk around the island and can taste some delicious food prepared by the local, a great way to stay away from the hustle bustle. Suitable for family.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 4.17km, around three hours

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  天晴 / 25度 / 濕度 59-81%

交通:港鐵天水圍站D出口,經天祐苑,往蝦尾新村路,接庸園路,行至橋底,然後左轉上山 / 在盛屋村乘74號小巴回元朗市中心。
需時:約個半小時 / 3.3km

MTR Tin Shui Wai Station>Kai Shan>Shing Uk Tsuen

Transport: From MTR Tin Shui Wai Station Exit D to Tin Yau Court, walk through Ha Mei San Tsuen Road, Yung Yuen Road to Kai Shan / Return by taking minibus no. 74 at Fuk Shun Street (near 49E) to Yuen Long city centre.

Feeling: A very short hike with spectacular fish ponds view. Suitable for people that cannot stand long hike but always looking for nice view. Have to pay attention when going up and down of Kai Shan, the slope is a bit steep.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 3.3km, one and a half hours


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天晴 / 22度 / 濕度 52-79%

交通:港鐵大埔墟站乘20R小巴,總站「烏蛟騰」下車 / 回程乘20R小巴至港鐵大埔墟站
需時|長度:約五個多小時 / 14.95km

Wu Kau Tang>Kau Kam Tso>Sheung Miu Tin>Ha Miu Tin>Sam A Chung>Sam A Tsuen>Siu Tang>Lai Tau Shek>Kau Kam Tso>Wu Kau Tang

Transport: Take minibus no. 20R (near MTR Tai Po Market Station),  get off at the terminal – Wu Kau Tang / Return by taking minibus no. 20R at Wu Kau Tang to MTR Tai Po Market Station

Feeling: Though it is a pretty long hike with no retreat point accessible by vehicle, it is easy to walk with marvelous scenery and has a delicious restaurant at Sam A Tsuen. Recommend experienced hikers to pay a visit to Lai Chi Wo as well.

Distance and Average Hiking Time: 14.95km, more than five hours


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